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Media Quotes - Nowhere Nevada Movie

“The recent (Nowhere Nevada cast and crew) screening was by any reasonable account, outstanding.” 
Oliver X, Editor/Publisher, Reno Tahoe Tonight

“The Nowhere Nevada Soundtrack is the heartbeat of the film..... Features over 30 local bands!”
Katrina Raenell, Reporter, Reno Gazette Journal

“The local buzz through production has been huge….. I really think that mainstream people will dig it, because it’s cool, it’s super cool, and you don’t see that a lot.  I’m totally stoked about it.”
Shanda Golden, Television Host, Shanda’s Golden Ticket

“Standout performances by the cast leads - newcomers Jef Derderian and Liz Cole --
and local northern Nevada personalities were alternately hilarious, schticky, campy
and at times transcendent.....destined to become a cult classic.” 
Oliver X, Editor/Publisher, Reno Tahoe Tonight

“Music is the heart and soul of this film.”
Megan Berner, Reporter, Reno News and Review

“I love our scene here.  It’s exploding.  The music, art, theatre, film, everything!”
KTVN News Channel 2, Reno, NV

“The Soundtrack is a Marvel and it's already in my Top 5 All-Time for Indie Films.” 
Oliver X, Editor/Publisher, Reno Tahoe Tonight

“….centered on the music and drug-related underground scene and journeys 
through gritty life in Northern Nevada, tracing comings and goings of Christy, 
a down and out exotic dancer, and T.J., a street grifter.”
John Barrette, Reporter, The Nevada Appeal

“Reno’s got talent and anyone who’s spent any time here knows that.  
It’s easy for me to put my pompoms on for a local indie film project that has the potential 
to put our thriving culture on blast for international audiences to discover.” 
Oliver X, Editor/Publisher, Reno Tahoe Tonight